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Not afraid to say what they think, the band debuts with the lyric video for the song “esSIODio”

“This hate I feel… Against the Brazilian Culture… The country only moves.. After the end of Carnival!”

This words, sang in portuguese, are the first verses of the song “esSIODio” (“This Hate”, in english), of the new brazilian metal band, Siod. The message is simple and direct and could not come in a most appropriate moment: amid an impeachment process, Brazil watches the largest corruption scandal in its history in the shadow of an economic crisis.

It is nothing but a reactionary attitude when some rock and metal bands worry only about pleasing the audience and make success.

Against such behavior, the band Siod was formed in Sao Paulo state in 2013 and brings rooted, both in its lyrics and songs, the original questioning and confrontational spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Currently composed by Umberto Buldrini (vocal/guitar), Fabiano Gil (bass) and Caio Fernando (drums), the trio became known to the public in Sao Paulo through the various concerts held in the state, including the participation at the “Virada Cultural” festival and presentations alongside prominent bands such as NervoChaos, Oligarquia, Worst, D.I.E., Confronto, among others.

As objective as the lyrics, Umberto Buldrini points where begins and ends this “hate against the Brazilian culture”.

“We do not hate our country or our people. Our hatred is against the part of the brazilian society which forgets about the problems (corruption, illness, lack of doctors in brazilian hospitals, oppressive religious doctrines) on festive days, as if nothing ever happening, and lives in a parallel world, taking their attitudes to contribute to the country’s decay.”

Cynics, the musicians purposely scheduled the official debut of the band in the music market launching the lyric video for the song “esSIODio” “after the end of Carnival”, which this year happened in the second week of February in Brazil.

The video is already available on the band’s official Youtube channel:

The song “esSIODio” will appear on the band’s upcoming debut album with the same title that is expected to reach the stores still in the first half of 2016.


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